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. Decaffeination Is The Removal Of Caffeine From Coffee Beans, Cocoa, Tea Leaves, And Other Caffeine-containing Materials. While Soft Drinks Which Do Not Use Caffeine As An Ingredient Are Sometimes Described As “decaffeinated”, They Are Better Termed “non-caffeinated” Because Decaffeinated Implies That There Was Caffeine Present At One Point In Time. . Decaffeinated Drinks Contain Typically 1 … Decaf Coffee: Good Or Bad? Written By Adda Bjarnadottir, Ms On June 4, 2017. Coffee Is One Of The World’s Most Popular Beverages. Many People Enjoy Drinking Coffee, But Want To Limit Their … Contemporary Examples. Of Decaf. Boyfriend, A New Orleans-based Rapper Who Prefers Not To Reveal Her Real Name, Gets Up From Her Decaf Cafe Au Lait..

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