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. 1 A — Used As The First Part Of A Compound To Indicate An Event Or Entity That Follows Or Results From The Thing Denoted By The Second Part Of The Compound Afterbirth After Life Afternoon Below In Rank Or Excellence; Nearest To: Milton Is Usually Placed After Shakespeare Among English Poets. In Imitation Of Or In Imitation Of The Style Of: To Make Something After A Model; Fashioned After Raphael. Tessa Young Is An 18 Year Old College Student With A Simple Life, Excellent Grades, And A Sweet Boyfriend. She Always Has Things Planned Out Ahead Of Time, Until She Meets A Rude Boy Named Harry, With Too Many Tattoos And Piercings Who Shatters Her Plans. Synonyms For After At Thesaurus With Free Online Thesaurus, Antonyms, And Definitions. Find Descriptive Alternatives For After. 2 Being, Occurring, Or Carried Out At A Time After Something Else . In After Years The Government Set Up A Special Fund For Disabled Veterans Of The War In Css, ::after Creates A Pseudo-element That Is The Last Child Of The Selected Element. It Is Often Used To Add Cosmetic Content To An Element With The Content Property..

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